With government, corporations, and public education promoting human
potential philosophies, are we approaching a de facto state religion?

Is this an alarmist question? Or is this a reasonable concern to

Federal and state governments are promoting the Human Potential Religion. Examples of
organizations that have contracted with government to preach some or all of the tenets
(see below) are Pacific Institute of Seattle, Washington; Edge Learning Institute of
Tacoma, Washington; and Resources for Organizations of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. An example
of a government installation promoting human potential training is Puget Sound Naval
Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington under the course titles: Increasing Human Effectiveness,
Train the Trainer, Stress Management, and the Psychology of Personal Adjustment.

Private Corporations are spending millions of dollars on Human Potential Training,
sometimes forcing their employees to participate. An example of a business who used such
training programs is Walker Chevrolet of Tacoma, Washington. Steve Hiatt alleges that
Walker Chevrolet fired him when he refused training to be a facilitator for Pacific Institute’s "New Age Thinking" program. Mr. Hiatt appealed to the EEO
Commission but was ignored.

The education establishment is mobilizing to "restructure" public school
curriculum by shifting from merely teaching content area information to teaching children
"new ways to think." As an example, the Association for Supervision and
Curriculum Development in Alexandria, Virginia is promoting a program called "Tactics
for Thinking" which contains many of the human potential elements under the title
"Learning to Learn Skills". The author of the program likens it to the
motivational training of Lou Tice’s Pacific Institute, whose courses have been entitled
"New Age Thinking". A Pacific Institute instructor was quoted as saying that
these principles were the same as those used by Hitler and Jim Jones except Pacific
Institute uses them for good. "Tactics for Thinking " has been in use in Walla
Walla, Washington public schools.

Tenets of the Human Potential Religion

  • Deity: Self

    Humans have infinite, unlimited potential.

    Self is worshipped. The key to success and the answers to all of life’s problems lie
    within the self. Building self-image is a primary goal through daily, ritualistic
    self-praise, affirmations, and self-talk.

  • The Nature of the Universe

    There is no absolute truth.

    Each person creates his own reality.

    Thoughts create our reality and can affect external objects.

  • Ritual

    Eastern meditation, visualization, guided imagery,
    looking within, altered states of consciousness, hypnotic states of higher suggestibility,
    various other psychotechnologies.

    Daily affirmations, self-talk, and continual positive thinking.

  • Epistemology:

    "Truth is within" <<<< [From Unmasking
    the New Age
    by Doug Groothuis.]

  • Code of Ethics and Behavior

    Do not think negative. Reject
    traditional beliefs that limit you. Only think positive. Visualize your goals with intense
    imagery in order to make them happen.

    You must take control of your life. Your must take responsibility because there is no
    one else.

    Believe in yourself.

  • The Purpose of Life

    Not a destination, but a journey.


    Achieving infinite potential by reprogramming the subconscious through affirmation and

  • The Nature of Man

    Infinite potential.

    Guided by the impersonal, amoral subconscious which ultimately controls behavior and
    therefore must be reprogrammed for success.

According to "Caesar": "Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Caesar’s courts
have held that government may not advance religion.

"Religion" – Belief in a divine or superhuman power or powers; Any specific
system of belief, worship, conduct, often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy
(theory of the principles underlying conduct, thought, knowledge, and the nature of the
universe: including ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics).

Government should not promote religion and government should not meddle in people’s

The above is the text (slightly modified) of a pamphlet we published in 1987-88.

The Human Potential Movement

I Support the U.S. Constitution

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