and the "True Meaning of Christmas"

The Hegelian Dialectic

Satan works both sides of every worldly conflict.

Here is yet another worldly conflict being hyped by the media and professing Christians are being drawn in and manipulated by it. 

For decades the polarized, contrived conflict was about “commercialization” vs. the “true meaning of Christmas”.

Lately, it has been about saying, “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings”.

I used to respond to these controversies by saying, “The true meaning of Christmas is Easter!” But eventually I realized I was invoking one pagan tradition to explain another!

When we zealously take sides in these Christmas debates we are misrepresenting the Lord and His Gospel.

Commercialism? The world system is all about the love of money. Shall we demand our rights to have shopping mall employees wish us a “Merry Christmas” or to have Christmas trees in government schools and government buildings? 

First of all, we are not called to “demand our rights”. Secondly, Christmas at best is a cultural holiday of general society. And at worst it is a Catholic holy day filled with traditions rooted in ancient paganism.

The New Testament does not tell us to set aside a day or a season to celebrate the birth of Christ. There is no holiday at all established by the New Testament. Our whole life is to be about the Word made flesh, Emmanuel – God with us, Jesus who died and rose again.

“Keep Christ in Christmas”? The real Jesus has never BEEN a part of Christmas. 

“Jesus is the reason for the season”? Not really…

But, we still make the most of every opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

It use to really bother me when people would say, “Xmas”. Now I actually think “Xmas” is better. It does not use the Lord’s title in vain. May the Lord help us to sort these things out. 

To what degree a family does or does not take part in the cultural traditions of Christmas is a disputable matter, in my view. 

There is a decorated tree in my living room. But my family knows where I stand and I remind them from time to time.

I recommend that Christians not “fight” for Christmas against the pagans. I also recommend that Christians not campaign against Christmas among the pagans. I do want my fellow believers not to be caught up in the idolatry either way. But, Lord Jesus, I pray that you would help us to use every opportunity to testify of your goodness, power, love and offer of the free gift of salvation through faith in you.