The Berean Call 7/29/10 this post updated 7/30/10

The article above describes the increasingly corrupt nature of the message of the magazine. It includes reference to an article by Mark Galli, called, “Divine Drama Queen: But I’d secretly rather have a God who is a non-anxious presence.”

The following is a comment posted on the CT site following the article, “Divine Drama Queen”

“no stars Posted: July 17, 2010 5:33 PM I work for a Christian book publisher and have started seeing more and more authors who want to push the limits like this on what they publish. Sometimes I think they are trying to show off by being “edgy” or pretend they have some deep point that nobody gets. I’m seriously concerned about where Christian publishing is headed. But I’m encouraged by most of the responses to this article, they prove that this “shock jock” approach to writing isn’t working. Where are the leaders who can stand up to authors that go too far? I hope the next generation produces some.”