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Questions for the Acts 29 Network
3/18/07 updated 3/21/07

Does the Acts 29 Network seek to become the next Calvary Chapel non-denominational denomination?

Will Mars Hill be the next Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa?

Does Mark Driscoll plan to be the next Chuck Smith?

In Acts 29 church organizations, how does the clergyman relate to the elders?

Is Mars Hill a megachurch? Is it the goal of each Acts 29 church organization to become a megachurch?

Is Acts 29 part of the Emergent Church movement?

Are Contemplative Spirituality techniques promoted by Acts 29 church organizations?

Counterfeit Christs: Is your pastor a one-man show?

Questions About Churchianity vs. The Church

Megachurches are not New Testament Assemblies

The Emergent Church Movement

Mark Driscoll Rejects McLaren But Embraces Contemplative 

January 2008


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