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Jesus' Resurrection or Easter?

March 2008 updated 5/14/08

To promote worldly holidays as if they were Biblical is as much a corruption as saying that Christians should celebrate the feasts of the Old Testament.

"Holiday" means Holy Day. The New Testament does not command the observation of any Holy Day.

Yes, there are legalistic types who attack religious holidays in a non-edifying way. But, there are also people who try to get political mileage out of attacking anyone with convictions. These people are under pressure to appear liberal and magnanimous and end up acting in a demagogic way.

It is one thing to have the freedom to take part in the cultural aspects of their society's holidays. It is another thing to imply it is required to take part in the world's religious holidays to be a Christian. Now, that is legalism!

Some believers might want to make the most of any cultural season to point people to Jesus' death and resurrection.

But living Jesus' resurrected life EACH day has nothing to do with anyone's opinion about the world's once a year Holy Days.

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