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Rick Warren on Meet the Press

12/24/06 updated 3/25/07

Unify the World's Religions to join with the Global Political and Economic Systems to solve the world's problems


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Faith in America: Can Religion unite the country for the greater good? Tim Russert,  Jon Meachem: American Gospel

  Many religions civil peace: freemarket economy for religions, let the best ideas win.

 Can religion be a force for unity?

 Warren is sick of being known by what we’re against, he wants Christians to be known by what we’re for.

Roosevelt prayer on D-Day, our republic, our religion, our civilization, unholy forces of our enemy. Almighty God, Amen

Aspen Institute speaking, Warren.

Lincoln second inaugural address Christian?

Ben Franklin: public religion – utility to maintain morality.

 Deism in founding fathers

  It’s time for the church to be known for love and not legalism. Warren.

Right and left think they’ve lost. Extremism. Both sides all in this together.

A culture of civilility.

Liberals moderates conservatives: five global goliaths. Could coalesce around these.

Third leg of the stool: government, business, the church

 Faith sector, public sector, economic sector

 Business: management skills, most churches poorly managed.

 Global reach of the church. Universal distribution. Doesn’t need to be Christian. Imam. Only truly global organization. Buddhists, Hindus. Local credibility: priest, pastor, imam, or rabbi, credibility. proselytizing 

Secularists very small, unite the faiths. I don’t care what your motivation to do good is as long as you do good.

Athiest movement - manifesto

You're not going to take religion out of their lives. You can manage it, you can marshall it. Rick is one of the great marshallers.

Religion of humility. “We don’t have a monopoly on truth” we have to watch the proselytization. Sense of history, excesses in the name of religion.

Founding fathers managing and marshalling not opposing religions.

Atheists: killed more in the 20th century… [faith is the hope implied]

 Compassionate conservativism and Compassionate liberalism. The compassionate part is the Jesus part.

American values instead of religious values, while recognizing the spiritual element.

Americans: given much, expect much, responsibility  

Psalm 72 ???

Lucifer, the Garden of Eden, & the Tower of Babel

Four Ways Christians Are Deceived

Counterfeit Christianity, The World Religion, and The New World Order

Christians are becoming Unitarians

Freemasons and Other Occult Brotherhoods

Trilateral Commission & CFR Membership

What is Rick Warren Up To?

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