Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning

Evangelicals Prostituting Themselves with Roman Catholicism  

How is it happening that so many supposedly Bible-believing Evangelical Christians are prostituting themselves by endorsing the Roman Catholic Church in various ways to varying degrees?

Mass Media - Celebrity Leaders - Emotional Attachment - Justifying Compromise - Straining at Gnats and Swallowing Camels

It seems that this has been happening over the last fifty years or so after many centuries of clear-cut distinction between the Roman system and born-again believers in Jesus Christ.

1. Over the last fifty or so years, the institutions of mass media have created celebrity leaders among the Evangelicals.

2. The celebrity leaders have appeared to be heroes of the faith, but then gradually moved toward compromise and yoking with Roman Catholicism and other of the world’s religions.

3. As Evangelicals have grown more and more accustomed to following celebrities as gurus, their emotional attachment to these leaders has become more important to them than their commitment to the Bible as the standard of truth in following Jesus Christ.

4. Justifying compromise with unbiblical messages and methods becomes the Evangelical’s goal so that they do not have to stand against their celebrity guru.

5. Professing Evangelical Christians end up straining at the gnats of being “tolerant” and being “positive” and being “inclusive” and being part of the “emerging church” and swallowing the camels of the false gospel of works, and salvation through the sacramentalism of the Roman Catholic institution, and the gradualism that leads to the Tower of Babel vision of global unity.

The Roman Catholic Empire

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