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Most Calvary Chapel Clergymen that I have known or come in contact with are genuinely nice people. Many Calvary Chapels pride themselves on being "laid back". However, even the nicest Calvary Chapel Pastors I've met keep an iron grasp on their Church. When the Moses authoritarian power structure promoted by the booklet called, “THE PHILOSOPHY OF MINISTRY OF CALVARY CHAPEL” is combined with a not-so-nice man, things can get bad.

Below is an email I received this week that represents one of the more extreme accounts I have heard or observed among Calvary Chapels.

[This account of an abusive Calvary Chapel has been removed as of 9/19/2011, at the request of the person who submitted it. She and her husband went through a very traumatic period of years under a coercive clergyman. She has since reevaluated her motives for submitting this. May our Lord Jesus purify all of our motives and may we discuss these important issues, motivated by love and the love of the truth. Jim B.]

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