Warning about “Motivational Training” and the World Religion – 25 year ago and today the world is still being deceived


By ROBERT LINDSEY, Special to the New York Times Published: April 17, 1987
“In their zeal to become more competitive, American employers have turned increasingly to motivational gurus who say they can change how employees think. But now employers are encountering resistance from workers who assert that many of the training programs use ”mind control” techniques or promote values alien to their religious views.”

Remember When: June 10, 2012 – Kitsap Sun
25 years ago

In 1987 (25 years ago)

“When the lights went out in a shipyard classroom, Jim Baumgaertel recalls, students were told to close their eyes, put both feet on the floor, relax and imagine walking on a beach in Maui.

“Officials at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard call that “guided imagery” and say it’s a proven technique for reducing stress.

“Baumgaertel, a nuclear engineering instructor who was required to take the “Train the Trainer” course, calls it New Age religion and he wants it out of the shipyard. He says he’s a Bible-believing Christian and believes the relaxation technique is the same as meditation taught by Eastern religions.”

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