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The Bible Versions Debate

By Dusty Peterson, Published in Media Spotlight

Posted here 1/6/07 Updated 4/13/07

Part 1

Part 2A

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Part 2B 

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Intermission: Moutain of Preconceptions

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Al Dager is publishing what I consider to be a very important series of articles by Dusty Peterson called: The Bible Versions Debate. 

Dusty Peterson's web site is or 

In part 2B in Media Spotlight's Winter 2006 issue are some very good summaries about Family A Greek Manuscripts versus Family B. Those are the author's way of summarizing the two groups of manuscripts that must be considered to understand what is at stake in these discussions.

Al Dager's site is

Join the debate in the Bible Translations section of the discussion board.

See the following topic for some summaries and discussion about the series: Al Dager's Media Spotlight Series: The Bible Versions Debate

The articles themselves are written by Brother Dusty.

Also, see Dusty's book about the Alpha Course.

Jim B.

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