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Do You Still Want to Shoot the Messenger?

Leighton Ford Promoting Contemplative Spirituality

See the following Publishers Weekly summary on Barnes & Noble:


"Ford would seem an unlikely candidate to write a gentle, moving introduction to traditional monastic spirituality. As Billy Graham's brother-in-law and frequent stand-in, Ford's evangelical bona fides are unquestionable. Yet he describes the details of life at Mepkin Abbey, a Trappist monastery in South Carolina, with the eye of the avid amateur painter he also is. Reading this book you'll find yourself scribbling down prayers from obscure medieval figures like a certain St. Fursey. Ford is also appealing as he describes odd gestures he's willing to make in search of the God who's present in the everyday: hugging a tree, hugging himself in an airport with passersby all around..."

Leighton Ford promoting Contemplative Spirituality

See the Lighthouse Trails Blog 6/5/09

Gurus Beyond Critique


Christian Organizations being influenced by Emergent - Contemplative Spirituality

Calvary Chapel, Nazarene Church, Christian Missionary Alliance, Mennonite denominations, Southern Baptist, Many Reformed/Calvinist churches, Foursquare, and Assemblies of God

According to a Lighthouse Trails article


Emergent New Paradigm Pastor

to Speak at

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

See the LIghthouse Trails Article


"Emerging/emergent spirituality is making serious inroads into Christianity. Churches and Christian colleges, unaware of the subtle undermining of such spirituality, are embracing teachers and leaders of this movement and pointing others to them. Often they are unaware of what these teachers really believe and teach. In light of an event (Movement 2009) scheduled to take place on May 29th at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, the Calvary Chapel mother church, with RockHarbor pastor, Mike Erre (and a similar event (Pure Worship) that took place earlier this month), Lighthouse Trails is posting this special report.

"In the pages of Death by Church: Rescuing Jesus from His Followers, Recapturing God's Hope for His People (Harvest House, 2009), author Mike Erre (pastor of RockHarbor Church in Costa Mesa, California) acknowledges that Jesus is Lord. He also references a number of Scriptures and talks about several different Bible stories. But for the discerning Christian who knows his Bible, it doesn't take too long into Erre's book to realize something is amiss, and such a reader soon begins to have a sense that he is theologically being tossed to and fro between the pages of this book and soon feeling like he is in a battle zone for the truth. Sandwiched between the Scripture references and the mention of "Jesus" is a theology that does not at all represent the Gospel."

Read the rest of this article.


Paul Smith dismissed

from Calvary Chapel Board

The 80 year old brother of Chuck Smith had stood against Contemplative Spirituality, the Emerging Church, and the Purpose Driven - Seeker Friendly Movements.

See the report from Lighthouse Trails 5/15/09

To the degree that Paul Smith has stood against Contemplative Spirituality, the Emerging Church, and the Purpose Driven - Seeker Friendly Movements, I say amen.

And yet I do not support any attempt to enforce a denomination hierarchy control over assemblies of believers. We are called to persuade by speaking the truth in love and not coerce by bureaucratic power.

Also, I see no value in being devoted to his brother’s legacy any more than the church needs a Billy Graham (presidential-like) library. The kingdom of God is not about celebrity leaders or the history of denominations.

I do pray that our Lord Jesus will bless all concerned and turn all these conflicts for good in each of our lives. Editor 5/16/09


From Freedom to Servitude

From the Lighthouse Trails site 3/30/09

From Freedom to Servitude

Category: * A Global Spirituality
Source: Kjos Ministries

"Watching the markets... two interlocking phrases immediately come to mind: Ordo ab Chaos, and Crisis Equals Opportunity. Ordo ab Chaos is a Latin phrase and the motto of the Thirty-Third Degree of Freemasonry.[1] It means, 'Order out of Chaos.'[2] Carl Teichrib

"Never waste a good crisis." Hillary Clinton
"...the financial crisis will lead to the creation of a global central bank and a global single currency within 15 years." Stephen Gallo
Once a nation parts with control of its currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation's laws. W.L. Mackenzie King [former Prime Minister of Canada]...

During the Nazi occupation of Norway (1939-1945), my father joined the Norwegian resistance movement and was willing to die for his country. But when the post-war years brought creeping socialism, he became increasingly disillusioned. Finally he chose to immigrate to America, which shone like a beacon of freedom and opportunity across Europe's war-torn lands.

Entering the New York Harbor some years later, we gazed in awe at the Statue of Liberty. But even as we ate our first hamburger soon afterwards, America was already changing. Dwight D. Eisenhower, our war-time hero, was now president. John Foster Dulles -- a founding member of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) -- was his Secretary of State.

Like most Americans, we had no idea what was happening "behind the scenes." We didn't know that Dulles had been a Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation -- or that he collaborated with Alger Hiss, an active member of the Communist Party, and had helped draft the preamble to the UN Charter back in 1945.

Nor did we realize that our Secretary of State had chaired a 1942 Federal (later renamed National) Council of Churches conference. In an article titled Conforming the Church to the New Millennium, I summarized the conference report. While Hitler's armies were ravaging Europe, the Council used that devastating crisis as an opportunity to promote its agenda:

a world government of delegated powers

immediate limitations on national sovereignty

a [single] democratically controlled international bank

a universal system of money

worldwide freedom of immigration

even distribution of the world's natural wealth.

Does that sound familiar? Apparently that last point didn't originate with Obama! Even Time magazine was shocked!

See the article on the Lighthouse Trails site


Did Rick Warren Pray to Allah in the Name of a Muslim Prophet?

By Joe Schimmel
January 30th, 2009 - Posted here 2/7/09

"While I suspected that Warren’s prayer would be as inclusive as possible, even I was surprised when Warren actually quoted the Koran and used the oft-repeated Koranic formulation for Allah i.e., “The compassionate and merciful one.” In fact, of the 114 chapters in the Koran, 113 of them begin by describing Allah as “The compassionate and merciful one.”"
"Near the end of Warren’s prayer, he prayed, “I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life, Yeshua, Isa, Jesus….” Of course, Isa would have been understood by Muslims, who had already heard him praying to Allah, to be the Islamic prophet mentioned throughout the Koran. Warren’s prayer to Allah, in the name of Isa, is absolutely indefensible..."
Read the entire article:
Rick Warren’s Ecumenical Idolatry!
Thank you to Lighthouse Trails for referring to this article. I don't know much about Joe Schimmel.
Obama’s Inauguration and Rick Warren’s Invocation


Lighthouse Trails Research spot on YouTube

"Lighthouse Trails Research now has a spot on YouTube, where we will place video clips of people like Warren Smith, Ray Yungen, and Roger Oakland."


Franklin Graham
takes part in Emergent Catalyst Conference

See the 10/7/08 Lighthouse Trails article (posted here 10/20/08)

"Billy and Franklin Graham Join Emerging Church Leaders and The Shack Author at Catalyst Conference"
"Billy Graham, and his son Franklin, will be speaking at the upcoming Catalyst Conference on October 8-9. Possibly, the father/son Grahams are not aware of the teachings and the spirituality that the Catalyst Conference represents. Unfortunately, Catalyst will gain respect and audience by many trusting and unaware admirers of the Grahams for including them on their list of speakers."
See the rest of the article
More info about the Graham's and the Catalyst Conference
Billy Graham


How Sad!

Ravi Zacharias Yokes with Robert Schuller and Emergent-Contemplative.

From Lighthouse Trails 8/26/08 posted here 8/28/08

Ravi Zacharias Joins Robert Schuller for Rethink 2009

Evangelical speaker and author, Ravi Zacharias, is scheduled to speak at Robert Schuller's second, Rethink Conference at Crystal Cathedral in February 2009.

Other speakers scheduled so far for the 2009 event are emerging church pastor, Dan Kimball, Miles McPherson, Nancy Ortberg, Robert Schuller, Henry Cloud and others. More are expected to be added to the list. The 2008 Rethink Conference had over 40 speakers, including the ones mentioned above, except for Zacharias who is new this year.

Read more at Lighthouse Trails


"The staff and editors at Lighthouse Trails Publishing wish to express our sincerest condolences to Greg Laurie and his family for the tragic loss of their son on July 24th. We pray that God's comfort and love will encompass them during this difficult time."

From Lighthouse Trails 7/27/08


Dr. Leith Anderson,
Wooddale Church, and the Emerging Church

At Lighthouse Trails

Posted Here 7/23/08 updated 7/25/09


Lighthouse Trails June Newsletter

Various topics relating to Emergent & Contemplative and other issues


Corrupt "Pastors Conference"

From Lighthouse Trails 3/31/08

"The Transforming Center is advertising this year's pastors retreat as is Zondervan Publishing which hosts both the retreat and the annual National Pastor's Convention. This year's retreat is titled Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership Retreat, and the featured speaker is Ruth Haley Barton, co-founder and president of the Transforming Center. The retreat will take place in early April at a retreat center in Pennsylvania. There will be a second retreat later in the fall."

Read the rest of the article



Association of Christian Schools International Adds Spiritual Formation and Promotes Contemplative Authors

Source: Lighthouse Trails (posted on this site 1/28/08)


Rethink Conference

January 2008

Mark Driscoll Rejects McLaren But Embraces Contemplative 

January 2008

Roger Oakland Removed from Calvary Chapel Radio

See Lighthouse Trails Blog


Tragic Directions at
Moody Bible Institute

Young Christian Woman Withdraws from Moody Bible Institute Because of Contemplative Promotion

From Lighthouse Trails


Beth Moore promotes
Contemplative Spirituality

See Lighthouse Trails Article

Posted here 8/8/07


Awana Embraces Contemplative Spirituality
From Lighthouse Trails 7/19/07


Is your church doing

"Spiritual Formation"? (hope not...)

See Lighthouse Trails Newsletter June 12th

See the May 5th Newsletter

Lighthouse Trails

  • National Day of Prayer Featured Author Promotes Contemplative

  • Teen Mania Goes Contemplative?

  • Rick Warren and Leonard Sweet Together...Again

  • Laurie Beth Jones on Platform with Blanchard and McManus

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Mel Gibson Reveals True Purpose of the Passion - Leading People to Catholicism

  • Walk to Emmaus


Lighthouse Trails


T.D. Jakes says Yoga ok for the Christian

T.D. Jakes, Yoga, and Lighthouse Trails

This is a deception.

Posteed here 4/20/07


More from Lighthouse Trails
Posted on this site 4/5/07

Chuck Colson promotes Catholic Mystic Henri Nouwen

"Ravi Zacharias Ministries Points to Nouwen, Merton, and Foster"


Kay Arthur/Josh McDowell to Share Platform with Contemplative

Source: Lighthouse Trails


Mark Driscoll Recommends Contemplative Authors/Participates at Emergent Event

Source: Lighthouse Trails

Emerging church leader Mark Driscoll, who claims to have distanced himself from the emergent movement (which has a premise immersed in mysticism/contemplative) recommends his readers turn to contemplatives like Gary Thomas (who tells people in his book Sacred Pathways to repeat a word of 20 minutes) and Richard Foster (Celebration of Discipline). Some Christian leaders have defended Driscoll's supposed turn away from emergent. And yet, Driscoll is a scheduled speaker at the upcoming National Pastors Convention, which is a significant promoter for contemplative and emerging spiritualities."

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WARNING: Congress 2007 Christian Conference
Posted on 1/9/07

Source: Lighthouse Trails

"On February 1st - 3rd, Vision New England will be presenting the Congress 2007 conference. Speakers will include: contemplative meditation promoters Tony Campolo, Jack Hayford, and Bill Hybels and emerging church leader, Don Miller (Blue Like Jazz). The theme for this year's event is a take off of Rick Warren's motto, "Whatever it Takes." It is disappointing to see Joni Eareckson Tada on the speaker list"

See the rest of the article


Contemplative, Emergent, Interspirituality

From Lighthouse Trails
Posted 1/1/2007

"In 2006, many of us witnessed the escalation of contemplative spirituality within Christendom like never before. One leader after the next either openly promoted contemplative or remained eerily quiet about the issue all together. A major Christian publishing house released a book on yoga, trusted Christian leaders participated in a Fox Home Entertainment DVD on contemplative prayer, online Christian bookstores became nesting grounds for authors who teach panentheism and interspirituality, and Purpose Driven has made it into over 400,000 churches with Rick Warren being a proponent of both contemplative and the emerging church."

"We know that many of you have paid dear prices for standing for biblical truth. The editors and the authors of Lighthouse Trails Publishing and Lighthouse Trails Research thank you for being an inspiration to other believers and a witness to those who still live in darkness. It is our desire to be a service to the body of Christ, and we hope we can do that in 2007 in humility, love and courage."

"God bless you as you contend for the precious faith. May the Lord watch over you and keep you safe."


From Lighthouse Trails

Foursquare Church Promoting Emerging/Contemplative Leaders

On the Lighthouse Trails site

"Celebration of Discipline - 27 Years of Influence!"
From the Lighthouse Trails site 10/29/06

Richard Foster has been promoting unbiblical mysticism beliefs and techniques for many years and has helped to spawn the Emergent Church and Contemplative Spirituality movements that have swept Evangelicalism. Consider the following from the Lighthouse Trails blog article:

"Those that Foster quotes favorably in Celebration of Discipline:
Thomas Merton
Morton Kelsey
Madame Guyon
Evelyn Underhill
Elizabeth O' Connor
Thomas Kelly
Fyodor Dostoevski
Soren Kierkegaard
George Fox
Agnes Sanford
Brother Lawrence
Dallas Willard "

"Those Who Quote, Promote and Endorse Richard Foster:
Focus on the Family
Chuck Swindoll
Christianity Today
C.S. Lewis Institute
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Youth Specialties
More on Celebration of Discipline "


Teen Mania Introduces Kids to Contemplative-Promoting Speaker

At the Lighthouse Trails Blog 10/26/06


"Christian Schools Introducing Teens to Mysticism Proponent"

At the Lighthouse Trails site


Emergent Tony Campolo and Christian Camping and Conference Association

At the Lighthouse Trails site

"A Warning to Christian Camp Directors"



Campus Crusade for Christ: Magazines Promoting Tai-Chi, Yoga
At the Lighthouse Trails Site 8/21/06


"Awana Club Now Featuring Book by Youth Specialties Speaker"

From the Lighthouse Trails Blog

"In February, we contacted Awana Club with concerns about their affiliation with and promotion of contemplative organizations such as Willow Creek, Youth Specialties, and Group Publishing. We later learned that there would be no changes made by Awana regarding these organizations. (You may read about this situation in our February news release.)

"Today, we have learned that Awana is now featuring and offering a book by Saddleback Youth Pastor, Doug Fields (a regular speaker at Youth Specialties events). The book, Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry: A personal and practical guide to starting right, is published by Youth Specialties and Zondervan. Inside the book are several sidebar commentaries by various people who promote contemplative and/or emerging spirituality: Tony Campolo, the late Mike Yaconelli, Rick Warren, Marv Penner (Briercrest Biblical Seminary, Canada, Duffy Robbins, Bo Boshers (leader at Willow Creek), and others most of whom promote contemplative spirituality and the emerging church. It is important to remember that Youth Specialties has been working in conjunction with emerging church leaders for several years now and has a major role in the growth of this movement.

"According to the Awana website, "Awana is the leading ministry to help local churches reach children and youth for Christ." However, if they continue going in the contemplative/emerging direction, it may not be the biblical Jesus Christ that is being offered to kids and youth but rather another Christ and another gospel. We hope and pray they will understand how vital it is to stay away from those who teach and promote contemplative spirituality and who are engaged with the emerging church movement."

From Lighthouse Trails Blog

Do You Name-Drop Rick Warren and Saddleback Church?

"Purpose Driven Resisters - Must Leave or Die"
 "Those who oppose the "program" are called leaders from hell."

See Lighthouse Trails June 2006 Newsletter

"...when their churches decided to get involved with 40 Days of Purpose, everything began changing and when they questioned these changes, they each soon found themselves silenced, ostracized and eventually without a church to attend. Now today, nearly five years after Purpose Driven Life was released, thousands of believers are scattered throughout the world, having been ridiculed and demoralized for even just the slightest questioning of the Purpose Driven program. In one email we received, the young man was handed a letter from his pastor. The letter had been written by a Saddleback field representative who told the pastor to do what he had to do to get rid of those opposing the new program."


"Calvary Chapel Rejects
Contemplative and Emergent Spirituality!

From Lighthouse Trails

May 21, 2006 - This weekend, a position paper addressed to pastors was posted on the Calvary Chapel website. The paper indicates that Calvary Chapel is taking a stand against contemplative spirituality and the emerging church and decrees that the title Calvary Chapel not be attached to such movements. The statement comes on the heels of a recent discovery by Pastor Chuck Smith, the movement's founder, that his book, When Storms Come, had been tampered with unbeknownst to him. The book was published by Thomas Nelson and included contemplative and Eastern meditation language, which apparently had been added by someone doing the final editing of the book.

See the rest of this article at the Lighthouse Trails site.

Was Chuck Smith Sr.'s Book Tampered with?

"The founder of the Calvary Chapel churches, Pastor Chuck Smith, is known for his emphasis on expositional Bible teaching. So it was quite a surprise, when recently reading his 2005 book, When Storms Come, to see Smith favorably quoting the late Catholic mystic, Anthony De Mello (p. 137)."

See entire article on the Lighthouse Trails site

See the above update 5/21/06

"URGENT - Awana Club Participating in
Willow Creek Conference

"Awana Clubs

Are They Heading Toward Contemplative/Emergent?

"Feb 23, 2006 Awana Clubs has been a respected and trusted Christian organization for many years. Countless children have been Cubbies and Sparkies and have memorized Scripture through the program.

"With so much of the church heading into the contemplative/emergent camp, also known as the spiritual formation movement, what a tragedy it would be to see Awana being sucked into this also. Few things are stable these days ... is Awana the next to cave in?"

See entire article at the Lighthouse Trails site

"Christian" Leader Still Promoting New Age


February 21, 2006: Well-known professing Christian author, speaker and business guru, Ken Blanchard, who has ties with Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, David Jeremiah and other Christian leaders, has been endorsing and promoting New Age teachings for over twenty years. After this was brought to the light last April in our Special Report, and after Blanchard said he would stop his promotions of the New Age, he is still endorsing New Age books and continues his connections with New Age organizations. This critical situation is affecting believers world-wide.

Blanchard, head of the Lead Like Jesus organization, is considered by many as a trusted leader. He speaks at many different conferences including the Living Leadership with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Below is a table showing many of the connections Blanchard has to the New Age.

See Table at the Lighthouse Trails site

Chuck Smith Jr of Calvary Chapel

YOGA - Just Exercise
or a Religion That Denies Jesus Christ?

See this article on the Lighthouse Trails Site

From Lighthouse Trails (11/11/05):

"Thoughts to Ponder ... Too Serious to Ignore ...

Doesn't something seem amiss?"

Lighthouse Trails

Coming from the Lighthouse

Exposing the Truth About Contemplative Spirituality and Interspirituality.

July 2005 Issue

This Issue Contains the Following Articles:


Items from the Lighthouse Trails Research Project Newsletter



Lighthouse Trails Publishing Responds to Rick Warren


A Public Response from Lighthouse Trails Publishing

June 17, 2005

On May 31st, 2005 we received an email from Rick Warren. Within hours of receiving this email, we learned that the email had been posted on the Internet. After prayerful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that we will not provide a personal response to Rick Warren regarding the email we received. However, we are compelled to address this situation publicly.

While in the process of preparing a response, we soon realized that the contents of the email sent to us by Rick Warren were misleading and contained much misinformation. And having now witnessed the mocking tone by those involved with Rick Warren, we have decided we cannot, in good conscience, engage with people who go to such great lengths to hide the truth.

On April 20th, 2005 Lighthouse Trails Publishing issued a press release, showing the connections between Rick Warren and New Age sympathizer Ken Blanchard. In our release we used a line from George Mair's book A Life With Purpose (a biography of Rick Warren). While the press release was not at all contingent on the quote by Mair (it being used only as a qualifier), Rick Warren's email to us focused primarily on George Mair. The assumption was that if Mair could be discredited then our press release would be invalid. However, the evidence we provided is solid, and we therefore stand behind our press release.

The real issue addressed in the press release was concerning Ken Blanchard—a man who, according to Rick Warren, has "signed on" to help implement Warren's global Peace Plan. Both in the press release and on our research web site, we have provided numerous instances where Blanchard has shown his endorsement and promotion of the New Age such as in the Foreword of the 2001 book, What Would Buddha Do At Work?, in which Ken Blanchard states:

Buddha points to the path and invites us to begin our journey to enlightenment. I point to this little jewel of a book and invite you to begin (or continue) your journey to enlightened work.  

Blanchard's latest endorsement of the New Age centers around Vijay Eswaran's book, In the Sphere of SILENCE, a June 2005 release that promotes the inner silence through mystical prayer practices, i.e. contemplative prayer. Of the book, Ken Blanchard states:

This book is a wonderful guide on how to enter the realm of silence and draw closer to God.

Such comments speak for themselves. And yet, this same Ken Blanchard will, later this summer, share a speaking platform with Rick Warren in the Leadership Summit 2005, which will be broadcast to 100 cities and over 50,000 leaders throughout North America!

What has baffled us most is that Rick Warren and those affiliated with him would spend more time contending with a small Christian publishing company than they do contending for the faith. With New Age doctrines influencing millions of people worldwide and within the Christian church, Rick Warren seems more intent on discrediting his critics than in exposing spiritual deception.

As for Lighthouse Trails Publishing, we will continue researching pertinent issues, while publishing books that minister to and assist the body of Christ and reach out to the lost with the true message of salvation, which is through Jesus Christ alone.  

We want to thank the faithful ministries, churches, and brothers and sisters who have committed themselves to defending the precious faith and say to you:

In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ (I Peter 1:6-7) .

  May God bless each of you who is truly contending for the faith. We appreciate you and feel privileged to stand with you.

  David and Deborah Dombrowski

Lighthouse Trails Publishing

  P.S. Because the private email we received from Rick Warren was made public on the Internet and because there is so much misinformation in that email we have provided some additional documentation and resources that may be helpful to you.

Click Here for Additional Information

Email from Rick Warren
A Closer Look at the Email
and much more.




Lighthouse Trails Publishing
Deborah Dombrowski
phone: 503/873-9092
Lighthouse Trails Research Project

"Rick Warren Teams Up With New-Age Guru Ken Blanchard!

This is a Special Report.

"Apr 19, 2005 While Rick Warren is gearing up to train a billion people, unbeknownst to many he has also been teamed up with New Age and contemplative promoter, Ken Blanchard, for some time now. According to a new biography on Rick Warren, A Life With Purpose written by George Mair, Rick Warren has solicited the services of Ken Blanchard to aid him in training leaders: "Rick taps the best and most famous to help train church leaders to be like Jesus. He has hired Ken Blanchard .... to come to Saddleback to help train people how to be effective leaders." p. 193"


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