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The World System Must be Destroyed

February 2008

First posted on blog January 29, 2006

There is a very important parallel between the world system and the “flesh”. Just as the “flesh” must die because it cannot be dressed up or improved or perfected, similarly, the World System is destined by God for destruction. The World System cannot be dressed up or improved or perfected, but must be destroyed and replaced by the New Heaven and New Earth.

Just as mystical religions and psychological techniques are man’s attempts to try to perfect his “flesh” and to conjure up the fruit of the Spirit apart from the Spirit of God, similarly, the religious and political and economic agendas of this world are driven by man’s fleshly attempts to build his Babel and its Tower and create his Heaven on Earth.

Followers of the Lord Jesus Christ are called to trust in Him to make us that New Creation now and give us our resurrected bodies on that Day. We are called to have New Testament priorities for being in this world but not of this world; to rescue people out of this world system rather than trying to reconstruct this world system; to look for that Blessed Hope of Jesus’ return; to have our hope in heaven, not on this earth; and to look to that eternal City and that eternal love relationship with our God.

Note: The Bible teaches that God, Himself, will judge and destroy the world system. Followers of Jesus Christ are called to proclaim the Good News, to do good to all men, to love everyone, and to suffer at the hands of the evil system. Propaganda in the media often portrays crazed religious types who try to do evil to "bring about Armageddon". This misrepresents what the Bible teaches and what Biblical Christians believe. (2/10/08)

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