Sorcery is the usurping for ourselves god-like powers to manipulate reality. We attempt to be Sovereign and Lord. We attempt to get what we want through :

(1) Incantations (confessing it)

(2) Mind Power techniques (thinking it)

(3) Voodoo (doing a technique)

Sorcery (dictionary definition) – The use of supernatural power over people and their affairs.

Magick – The use of charms, spells, rituals to cause or control events or govern natural or supernatural forces.

Witchcraft – The use of supernatural power by compact with the devil or evil spirits. (A modern witch would rather define witchcraft like “Magick”, above, is defined.)

Divination – To foretell the future or to know the unknown by occult means.

Alchemy – The use of magical techniques for the transmutation of baser metals into gold and the finding of the elixir of youth.

Occult – Things that are hidden, concealed, secret, esoteric, or magick; or things having to do with alchemy, astrology, tarot card reading, palm reading, tea leaf reading, etc. etc. etc.

Esoteric – That which is intended only for the chosen few, or only understood by the chosen few, or the initiates, or the inner circle.

(Taken from Webster’s New World Dictionary, 1976)