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We ought to continue to evaluate the modern church as "Bereans" in order to discern what is the "Wisdom of God" and what is the "Wisdom of man". In order to pursue this, the following questions should be answered by everyone who professes to believe God's Word.

Consider a Christian who lived 300 years ago, long before the invention of modern psychology.

1. Did that Christian have and know everything he needed to live a godly life: Serving the Lord and serving people with biblical behavior and biblical relationships?

2. Has modern psychology added "new revelation" that God neglected to put in his word?

3. Has modern psychology improved upon what was already in God's word?

4. How, specifically, have you benefited from psychology over and above what was already available from the Bible through the teaching and preaching of sound doctrine?

We ought to sincerely desire to "wrestle" with the trends in the modern church, knowing that "... that serpent Satan who deceives the whole world..." is hard at work in these last days (Revelation 12:9)

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