How many refused to worship the Fuhrer in 1930s Germany? Might it have been as many as 16%?

I have no idea. But if it was as many as 16%, how was it that the other 84% were so easily deceived?

There is a growing trend of oppression in Evangelical churches today. Clergymen with “vision” are being stroked and encouraged by popular authors and parachurch organizations to take control and lead their churches in growing into flagship megachurches that are “purpose driven”.

Those who advocate the simplicity of New Testament fellowship where brothers and sisters submit to one another as true co-workers in Christ are accused of impeding the clergyman’s ambition; of being obstructionists. They are accused of being old-fashioned, legalistic, and living in the past.

There are many testimonies of believers in Jesus questioning these “purpose driven” ambitions and then finding themselves as outcasts. How do these grand ambitions fit in with trends of global Tower of Babel visions?  

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