Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning


Obama’s Inauguration and
Rick Warren’s Invocation

December 19th, 2008 Updated 12/23/08

Media Hype intended to manipulate Christians

Don’t be manipulated

As the Rulers of this world move mankind toward the New World Order of the Anti-Christ, their goal is to keep every group and subculture under control and moving in the proper Tower of Babel direction.

President-elect Barack Obama has asked Rick Warren to pray the invocation for his Presidential Inauguration ceremony. This is a long-standing tradition for politicians to include religious leaders in their ceremonies. Billy Graham has participated in at least eight inaugurations. There is now a huge media frenzy highlighting the polarization of opinions for and against Rick Warren’s invitation by Barack Obama. News and Talk shows are featuring Gay and Lesbian leaders on one side of the screen and "Pro-family Pro-life" representatives on the other side.

The media hype is intended to manipulate Evangelicals in one of two ways.

Be against the Rick Warren invocation because you are a Right Winger and you are against President-elect Obama politically because you are part of the Culture Wars, or
Be for the Rick Warren invocation because you want to see the Evangelicals' celebrities get respect and prominence and be liked by the world and to be a representative of a kinder, gentler Christianity that is seen as part of the worlds’ new vision of unity.

Either way, you’re playing into the Ruler’s program!

How do the rulers manage and control the Evangelical Christians?


Celebrity Leaders,
National and global institutions, and
Political manipulation.

Celebrity Leaders

Each religious or cultural group must have their Celebrities appointed and promoted by the rulers. For the Evangelicals, over the last fifty years, one of the major Celebrities has been Billy Graham. He was brought from obscurity through promotion by the Hearst Newspapers. Since then he has been a frequent Royal Court Clergyman of Presidents, praying at inaugurations and yoking in many ways with the powerful, endorsing other of the world’s power structures such as the Roman Catholic system and spiritual leaders of Freemasonry.

With the advanced age of Billy Graham, the establishment media has been searching for possible replacements. One who has surfaced to prominence and is being intensely promoted is Rick Warren, Clergyman over the megachurch, Saddleback Church in Orange County, California. Saddleback is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Rick Warren is world famous for his Purpose Driven books and Church programs.

Institutions: National and Global

The New Testament teaches that disciples of Jesus are to assemble together in local assemblies. We are to fellowship as assemblies and individuals with believers, wherever they may be because together we are Jesus’ body on earth.

Not taught in the New Testament are institutional hierarchies and religious-political-economic systems designed to organize, and control Christians throughout the nation and the world. This is the Tower of Babel vision that the world system promotes. This is the vision of Megachurches and denominations. This is the vision of the empires of history that are leading to the final empire of the Counterfeit Christ.

This is the vision of the Purpose Driven Global Peace Plan of Rick Warren. Read the transcript of Rick Warren’s interview on Meet the Press with the late Tim Russert.

Read the condescending vision of merging Evangelicals into the global system in the Council on Foreign Relations’ periodical, Foreign Affairs, which uses Rick Warren as an example of the new Evangelicals.

Political Manipulation: Opposites and Synthesis

The Rulers don’t really care who agrees with whom. The goal is to control the people no matter what side they choose.

It is easiest for the Rulers if each issue can be promoted as being about two opposites. So, the goal is to promote the polarization of everyone, including professing Christians, into two sides. Everyone has been conditioned to see every conflict as between “good guys” and “bad guys”. So then each tries to decide which side is the good guys and then jump on that side. But what that accomplishes is the ability for the powerful to control both sides of every conflict by controlling the celebrity leaders, the media hype, and the agendas given to each side.

The last thing the rulers want are people who resist such manipulation by thinking for themselves. Christians are called to be Acts 17:11 Bereans!

The cleverness of the strategy of polarization is that at appropriate times there can be managed periods of synthesis. Opposite sides can actually be merged through circumstances and movements and celebrity leaders.

Having extremists on one side serves to polarize others into the other camp. Then "moderates" can be cultivated, ripe for synthesis.

Polarization and then synthesis is a means that the rulers see as moving the world toward their Tower of Babel vision of Heaven on Earth… apart from the God of the Bible. Apart from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our calling as Christians is to be in the world, not of the world. We should step out of the polarization and be ambassadors for Jesus Christ to everyone.

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What do you want to be known for? What you’re against or what you’re for?  

If you are true to the Lord Jesus and His word, how might you appear to the people in the world when you take a stand: for Jesus and against the “world, the flesh, and the devil”? 
Will you not be accused by the world and even religious people of being “against everything”? Will you not be accused of being known by what you are against? 



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