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A Bible Reading Plan

Below is a Bible reading plan recommended by Steve Phillips, a missionary to Nigeria. It is from his book, The Discipleship Experience, published in Nigeria in 1999. "Scripture Reading" is listed in the book as the first of "The 7 Aspects of the Discipleship Experience", the others being: individual study of the word of God, teaching others, prayer, evangelism, service/fellowship, and the breaking of bread.

This approach has been greatly enriching and reinvigorating to my wife and me and one of my daughters.

SCRIPTURE READING according to the following daily schedule. One chapter per day is to be read from each of the six sections making a total of six chapters per day that are to be read.


Narrative / History containing examples, warning, and illustrations. (After reading Esth. 10, return to Gen. 1)

(2)  JOB – MALACHI  

Poetry and Prophesy (Psalms and Proverbs will not be read as part of this section since they are covered in # 3, 4. After reading Mal. 4, return to Job 1)   

(3)  PSALMS   

Prayer, Worship, and Deliverance in affliction (After reading Ps. 150, return to Ps. 1)


Wisdom for all of life (After reading Prov.31, return to Prov. 1)


The life of Christ and of the church (After reading Acts 28, return to Mt. 1)


The Doctrine of the Scriptures (After reading Rev.22, return to Rom.1)


                      During the course of one year, sections 1 and 2 will be read approximately once each. Sections 3 and 6 will be read about twice each, section 5 nearly three times, and section 4 twelve times.      


I can't say that I've been keeping up with the pace of this Bible reading plan, but the sequence itself is a great blessing. Now this is a confession on my part. Pray for me. It should not be that hard to read six chapters a day! I know. Instead of working on this web site I should go read the Bible... Jim B.

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