Steve Phillips

Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning

Steve Phillips has devoted his life to discipleship and the Word of God. For 10 years he and his family served Christ in West Africa. He has written numerous articles, books, and discipleship materials. Here is his own introduction:

Back to Nigeria!


Hi, I’m Steve.

I’ve been a friend of Jesus for more than forty four years now.  I’d like to share with you some of my life lessons gained in the fellowship of Christ’s suffering and service.

Here’s what I know:

There is a God of all comfort resident in the heavens who can heal the deepest human malady. A generation gorging itself with religious candy is soon sickly. Technically correct information is not equivalent to wisdom or sufficient to produce Christ-like character.

Jesus is the King whose words expressed in Genesis through Revelation are Spirit and life, forever settled in heaven. Amidst religious madness there will be glory—legit reality—in the church, somewhere, in every generation. Self is our greatest enemy and is the resident house-idol within every living soul. That much I know.

Here’s what I’ve tasted:

The heart-wrenching anguish of abandonment, slander, and treacherous betrayal has repeatedly been hurled in my face by once trusted companions. Prolonged benumbing grief over waywardness has carved its recess within my soul.

Tropical fevers have racked body and mind scores of times. Ominous assaults and threats of death have swirled about my head. Two distinct periods of gloom and confusion have attended me—one for nearly three years—when the heavens gleamed as brass: glaring, rigid, and impenetrable.

In short, I have drunk from sorrow’s cup firsthand along the narrow way.

But that’s not all:

I assure you, the Lord Jesus does not forsake His own; there is balm for the sorrowing, a refuge for the distraught, kindness for the ravages of evil, and light to scatter confusion’s smoky cloud.

There is also outfitting in the Lord’s armory for those who would risk life and limb in the cause of Christ. Demanding discipleship and in-depth equipping alone fit the soul for survival and victory in that arena. And these are the things I wish to share with you.

So come; join with me in this fellowship—launch into the fray in the might of Christ to reclaim the inheritance of God from the hand of the enemy though self expires in process – hopefully we can become friends as we ponder together eternal mysteries in the bonds of Christ light and love.

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