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About "Conspiracies"

"We must be very careful when it comes to speculation about conspiracies, particularly if they lead us away from the Word of God. Consequently, we do not keep much information concerning the various conspiracies such as the Illuminati, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, etc. It is instructive to consider the historical example of Nazism. Pre-war Germany had any number of conspiratorial groups, but only one got the lucky breaks which enabled it and its leader to dominate an entire nation for more than a decade. In the 1920s, who could have singled out Hitler and the Nazis as the ones who would succeed?"

"Peter tells us that we have been "given all things that pertain unto life and godliness" (2 Peter 1:3-9). We need to "keep reading." In order to access what has already been given to us, we must do as the scripture instructs, "through the knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue." In other words, if we want to know the will of the Lord, walk in the way the Lord wants us to walk, and do the things that are both pleasing to Him as well as most edifying to us - learn more about the Lord. The scriptures are the door to this knowledge. By continued immersion in His Word, we learn about Him and learn to follow Him (From The Berean Call correspondence file)."

From TBC Today 12/13/04

I agree with the above TBC Today item, in the sense that we ought to be careful when it comes to, "speculation about conspiracies". Every person I've seen who is obsessed with conspiracy theories is also into serious doctrinal error and their obsession is actually a form of idolatry. In fact I see almost no value in such speculation, because there is much available that is published in the open to confirm what the Bible says is the true nature of the World System

I do not agree with what the above writer says about the Nazi's being "lucky". There is no such thing as "luck". The unfolding of world history is neither random nor driven by an impersonal force such as luck. 

Similar to TBC, I have very little on file about power groups such as George W. Bush's "Order of the Skull & Bones". Also, I do not desire to become an expert in sorcery or witchcraft. I want to know and speak up about just enough to help other Christians recognize when we are being deceived by clever counterfeits. It was Dave Hunt (TBC), in a video series in the 1980s, that first alerted me to the profoundly unbiblical nature of Freemasonry

Sometimes, I have found that when we expose someone's guru or say what the Bible says about this corrupt world system, there are those who begin to accuse us of "negativism" or "conspiracy theories". 

If we love people, we will warn people. We should persevere in love and trust our Lord Jesus for patient endurance. And, of course, be willing to be corrected ourselves, from the Bible.

Most definitely, our Lord Jesus has given us, "all things that pertain unto life and godliness". (2 Peter 1:3). The warnings of scripture are many. Let's encourage one another to apply them as world history unfolds. You cannot obey the word of God in applying the warnings of the Bible unless you are willing to examine what men have said and done and compare it to what God says. And when men say or do something contrary to scripture we must trust the Lord for wisdom to recognize it, warn about it, and reject it, in obedience to our Lord. This is exactly what much of the New Testament is about. God did not give us the Bible to be read in a vacuum. The word of God is given to be APPLIED; to enable us to be in the world but not of the world.  Jim B. 12/18/04

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