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House Church Discussion

Posted 6/30/07 updated 12/28/08

Dan Trotter, Beresford Job, Steve Atkerson, Dan Walker, Jon Zens


Back in 2002, I was very grateful to see that various house church leaders were willing to confront controversies of leadership and doctrine when they published articles warning about Gene Edwards.

Dan Trotter, Beresford Job, Steve Atkerson, Dan Walker, Jon Zens all took part in writing the article that documented years of experience at persevering in love with a problematic movement among house churches.

Now I ask that we consider together, how much we can differ on the atonement of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and yet still draw a line against heresy.

Also, just how dangerous to the truth is the Emergent - Emerging Church movement and Contemplative Spirituality? How shall we reason with one another about these trends within Evangelicalism in general, and house church people in particular?

House Church Discussion

Storytelling or Myth-Making? Frank Viola and Ivan Illich

House Church People...

We need to have a discussion!


In April I linked to Tim Germain's site, In May I recommended a dvd that Tim has produced: In Search of the Biblical Church.

I still think that the dvd is great at helping people see what New Testament fellowship can be. But, my interactions with several people since recommending the dvd has made me see that we, as believers in Jesus, must get some things out in the open. We must discuss some very important issues. What is the truth? How do we stand for the truth as we understand it, and yet give others the freedom to disagree? Where do we draw the line?

Believers in Jesus who fellowship in house churches and all other believers in Jesus must discuss, among other things, two topics that have come to my attention:

I intend to post more on this.

Please email me with your input.

The "House Church Movement"

Church In The House

In Search of the Biblical Church

In Search of the Biblical Church

A DVD produced by Tim Germain

"I trust that the fruit of my labor will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and be instrumental in educating the body of Christ concerning the centrality of Christ over His body and give a clear message between the difference of the institutional churches that follow man-made traditions and the biblical church we find in the New Testament."

In Search of the Biblical Church

Video is now on-line (7/14/07)

I don't agree with everything some of these brothers teach but the video is helpful.



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