Sometimes it seems like I’m just now learning the Bible after thirty-five years of being a Christian. The more I study the word of God the more amazing I realize it is. From Genesis to Revelation it is cohesive and coherent and interwoven with common themes and metaphors and forshadowings and types. The Old Testament is the foundation for the New and the New Testament interprets the Old.

Genesis to Revelation is about Jesus.

Abraham told Isaac, “God will provide the Lamb.” (See Genesis 22:8)

John the Baptist said, “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (See John 1:29)

Are you a new believer in Jesus Christ? Then I encourage you to read Genesis through Revelation as soon as possible. And continue reading and studying the Bible as part of your love relationship with Jesus. Abide in the Vine (John 15)

Abide in the Vine

A Bible Reading Plan

Thy Word is Truth